Northern Youth (LP)

by Karate Free Stylers

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Release date: 23.09.2014

fyh!records, 2014


released September 23, 2014

Piotr Siwicki - vocal, guitar
Paweł Porzych - bass guitar
Paweł Kowalewicz - drums
Engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered by Marcin Buźniak & Piotr Staniszewski at Studio 111, Warsaw.



all rights reserved


Karate Free Stylers Warszawa, Poland

Karate Free Stylers (a.k.a. KFS)- power quartet from Olsztyn and Warsaw, Poland.
90's forever.

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Track Name: Indian Summer
It's my way down in my head
Things are on way down in my head
Close my door after you are gone
Screw it all
Something must be done to your heart
Track Name: Olympia
And I think I have a clue
And I wonder if it's true
And I feel that nothing is real

So what will be if I handle that
should everyone be cool with that
should I scream and shout
I don't want to be like you
Don't want to be like you

Sometimes I feel that nothing is real
Track Name: Retreat Is Only the Beginning
No need to fight
No need to grief
I've let it out somehow
and put it down to sleep

Put it to the ground
like you used to put me
Six feet under my mind
I can barely breathe here
Track Name: December's Tragic Drive
I said I won't despair
It won't bring me down
You probably don't care
but I feel you all the time

I won't cry dear, when you let me go
Don't cry here, you know you were wrong
I won't cry dear, when you let me go
Don't cry here, cause you made me go

I am that noise inside your head
A nigthmare in the night
That's why now you can regret
I'm heading towards the light
Track Name: Broken Trees
I know I have
nothing to lose
But I had known
Before I let it go
I had something left

I know I can
give something new
and bring back
what I've
forgotten to do
Before I'd something left

I wish I could save you just for myself
but you've lost your way lost long ago
I was so afraid
Track Name: Northern Youth
You feel like distance is cutting too much
but how is that?
If you think you can achieve that
you can't be more wrong
oh so wrong
Something I can tell you is
nothing better than just a weird
Sentimental feeling
that stops easy breathing.
And you can't pretend you have
such a faith you don't collapse
And I can't believe I can't believe
I wonder if I Can
Track Name: Wasteland
You are here now
You've been so so far away
Is it gonna work somehow
New end of the day

Whatever wrong with you?
Whatever wrong with me?
You don't believe it's true
but how hard could it be

We call it wasteland baby
like they used to call
They call it dreamland now
but you know it's a lie
Track Name: Breathe
Find my way and follow me down
to the place where we first met
And the place we've been done
Carry you around with me
as a swear in my words
As a weight in my chest when I try to breathe

It goes on
All yours bringing me down

Well, it's time for you
to taste the ground
Time for you to fade away
Time for you to fall from clouds
I've been waiting for so long
to wish we've never met
But now I'm standing here exposed
and this part of me is dead
Track Name: Disordered Hearts
I'd like to be
just like everyone else
Everyone else
Sometimes I think my world will collapse
and rest in pieces
Rest in pieces

I feel like I can't
That I have to get away
It's just tearing me apart
I don't know the answers
How can it change
Should I feel like myslef?
I'm putting question mark
just after my answer to death
Track Name: Fear Not Little One, For I Am Just Here To Say Goodbye
Find the way
with your blinking eyes
To bring you back
I felt so glad

Sorrow and joy
two different worlds
But in my head just
big painfull loss

Can I take you back?
Can I have you back?

Growing old
it seems like we should
not be lone
Forget what's bad
Return your sins
Let's make this look
like it was just one big
painfull loss

Sun rises over city,
but where am I now?
I should feel that I'm happy
except to feel just alive

Don't let them buy your thoughts
pray ardently at night
that I can forget it
and hide it in my mind